Truckee River Rafting is currently taking applications!

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Become a part of Truckee River Rafting family and enjoy an experience of a lifetime. We’re a family owned company started in 1973. We employ approximately 60 associates to accommodate our daily guests. Many of our guests return to us year after year knowing we hire only dedicated staff personnel.

Because expectations of guest services are high, so too are the expectations of our employees performance. We expect our staff to be friendly with strong interpersonal skills, as well as work well with others to make our team complete with a positive attitude. For many, this may be your first job, so the willingness to be outgoing, friendly and responsible is what it takes to work with our team.

Hours and days can vary and can sometimes be exhausting, but always rewarding at day’s end. There may be times when you are required to pitch in and help co-workers complete tasks that are not as rewarding, but we strive to make every employee’s time here as fun as it is fulfilling. At summer’s end, you will leave with numerous experiences, as you get to know other employees and guests from all walks of life. You will also get to enjoy working outside in one of the greatest outdoor recreation areas in the country.

If this combination of hard work, commitment and fun interests you, we ask you to submit an application in person or send a completed application with photo.


Our summer season typically begins mid June depending on the position and ends after Labor Day. We understand that some people need to leave earlier to attend school and we can often accommodate this request. Please discuss this when applying for the job and be realistic about the dates that you will be able to work.


Employee wages will depend on type of position and experience. Bonuses at the end of the season are rewarded to employees who have shown exemplary work ethics and have been role models to others.


Truckee River Rafting provides all employees with “Riverman" logo wear at cost. Employees are expected to present a respectable and clean appearance at all times. Attire should be clean and will be non-offensive to guests. Appropriate footwear for your position is mandatory. Oral hygiene is a must.


No smoking or chewing will be allowed while you are with our guests. Illegal use of drugs or alcohol is not permitted and will be dealt with accordingly.